CVoiceControl - command and control for Linux!

CVoiceControl is a speech recognition system that enables a user to connect spoken commands to unix commands. It automagically detects speech input from a microphone, performs recognition on this input and - in case of successful recognition - executes the associated unix command.

Note: CVoiceControl is a KDE and X Windows independent version of its predecessor KVoiceControl (CVoiceControl = console voice control)!

Hit the following link to download CVoiceControl as a tar ball: cvoicecontrol-0.9alpha.tar.gz (94984 bytes).

The online documentation is available here.

There is also a precompiled package for Debian Linux: cvoicecontrol_0.9alpha-1_i386.deb (63116 bytes).
For more information on Debian Linux visit

Note: Since I am a full-time employee in the Speech and Language processing department at BBN Technologies it is virtually impossible for me to continue my development efforts on CVoiceControl. As a consequence, I do not intend to support CVoiceControl anymore. Anyone who is interested in taking over and advancing this project please feel free to contact me at

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