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1. Introduction

CVoiceControl is a tool that gives the user voice control over unix commands. A template matching based speaker dependent isolated word recognition approach is employed.

Note, that isolated word does not necessarily mean one single word. It just describes a class of recognition systems among

Consider the following example:

CVoiceControl knows five utterances (being connected to appropriate commands ...)

In this example the recognition vocabulary consists of five ``words'' (=utterances) that can only be recognized one at a time, i.e you cannot connect the words to build ``sentences'' like ``how are you today? please launch netscape communicator and connect to internet''!

Important Note:

As mentioned above you do not need to use one single word as an utterance - and it is strongly recommended to use longer sequences !!!!! This is due to the underlying concept of this recognition system: template matching. Thus, if you use short commands like say xterm and xedit confusability will increase significantly and therefore recognition accuracy will drop rapidly!!!

1.1 Changes

1.2 Mailing List

There is a mailing list for CVoiceControl (and KVoiceControl) which is mainly used for announcements. The address is:

To subscribe to the list send an email to where the email body (not the subject!) must contain the following on a single line:

subscribe kvoicecontrol <my email address>

To unsubscribe use:

unsubscribe kvoicecontrol <my email address>

For information about the list use:

info kvoicecontrol

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